We believe you will only find fulfillment when you are fulfilling your

5 God Given Purposes-

1. Loving God(Worship),

2. Loving People(Fellowship),

3. Growing Spiritually(Discipleship),

4. Using Your Gifts/Resources(Ministry),

5. Reaching out to others(Mission)

-You can discover more of what the Bible says about these purposes by reading "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren 

We Are A Purpose Driven SBC Church

Our Plan - From Acts 2

1 Pastor Led/ Leader Supported VS 42  
2 Supported by our Members VS 44
3 Serving Others VS 45 
4 Small Groups are Key VS 46
5 Sensitive to Outsiders VS 47

Our Global Purpose

We give ten percent of our offerings to local and worldwide ministries.We give and serve at the Port Ministry at Port Canaveral and at the Port of Miami.  We  give a percentage of our offerings  to The Brevard Baptist Association of Churches, The Florida Baptist Convention,The North American Mission Board, and The International Mission Board to send missionaries around the world. We encourage individuals to participate in missions, both locally and globally. 

3 Basics of Surfside

1 Make Disciples of All Nations Matthew 28:19-20
2 Love God Matthew 22:37
3 Love Others Matthew 22:36-40

Our Purpose - "Helping people find their way home to Christ, so they can grow in Him and help others to find their way home to Christ" 

Environments -  At Surfside we want to create environments where people are equipped to pursue intimacy with God, develop community with insiders, and influence outsiders.

What does this look like? 

  • Guests feel welcome, encouraged, and loved 

  • A person who has not been to church in years can find his or her way home to Christ

  • Followers of Christ can grow in their relationship with Him and others

  • We partner with other Southern Baptist churches to make a difference in people's lives in our community and around the world

  • We each use our gifts to be a blessing to others

  • You can bring an unchurched friend to service and know he or she will hear a clear message of Biblical truth and love with a little bit of laughter